AAPI convenes state of the art Medical/Scientific Seminars

AAPI is on a roll, we are launching the Jai Ho concert, a major part of AAPI's commitment to addressing public health challenges and funding research and development for programs to address cardiovascular disease, lymphoma and leukemia and other disease tracks.
To compliment our efforts and bring greater value to our members, AAPI is also launching 2 hours of state of the art medical/scientific sessions at each concert location. There will be national speakers as well as local speakers addressing these scientific sessions. National team is working with local chapters to make this one of their local annual event, in an effort to foster our mutual partnership and strengthen our affiliations. There will be opportunities for exhibits/ booth display, product promotion etc. This will be followed by dinner. Only participants attending the scientific sessions will have access to all the facilities , preferred seating and dinner.
Please sign up early as seating for dinner seminars is limited. 

For further information, please contact your team leaders.