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An icon of India's women leaders, living the dream. Ms Amruta Fadnavis, First Lady of Maharashtra , Live in Concert with Sukhwinder Singh.

Ms. Amruta Fadnavis. A senior Executive at a Leading Financial Institution, a proud Mother, a proud wife of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and fulfilling her social responsibilities with dignity and grace and a highly accomplished performing artist with several Bollywood hits.... a rare and unique combination of qualities, traits and a living example of wome’s empowerment!

There could also be opportunity to meet and greet our "good will" ambassador Ms Amruta Fadnavis. 

AAPI For Women’s Empowerment

AAPI recognizes that while much progress has been made to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women, the fact remains that millions of women in India and around the world are deprived of their basic rights like education, are forced into marriage early on, are not allowed to work, and are denied their voices and rightful places in the society. India tops the list of countries that are said to have highest mortality rates during delivery and even the highest number of non-school going girls. Nearly a quarter of total number of girls born in India don’t even live to see their 15th birthday.

There is a need to empower women, working towards women’s education, gender equality, giving them respect and honor for their contributions and achievements. There is an urgent need to work on bringing awareness amongst the society about the gender equality and equal opportunity in terms of education, health and work for women. It requires immense amount of dedication and reforms in the education and healthcare systems that need to be implemented as well as monitored consistently.

It’s in this context, AAPI continues its focus on women’s education in the US and in rural India. A major theme and focus of the 13th annual Global Healthcare Summit to be held from July 21st -24th 2019, Hyderabad, India, organized by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) in collaboration with Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (GAPIO), will be on Women’s Health.

A team of physicians, consisting of women leaders of AAPI, including Drs. Sangeeta Agrawal; Uma Jonnalagadda; Saumya Neravelta; Stella Gandhi; Kusum Punjabi; Radhika Chimats; Swati Yalamnchi; Pooja Kinkhabawala will lead the sessions on Women’s Healthcare needs.  In addition, a day long session on Rural Health Education for women will be held at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Hyderabad on July 22nd.

During the GHS, AAPI delegates will visit and interact with the participants and the beneficiaries of the Project in this village and get to know the impact of the many projects undertaken in this villages, especially, Kashi Reddy Guda Primary School, Swacch Pathashalaaward in Telangana, Water Plant, Toilets, Mahila Mandal building, Pragathi Bhavan, Zilla Parishad High School and Primary school in Burgula. They will also visit the Primary Health Center, Burgula; Pragathi Rural Development Center, Burgula.

Delegates also will visit the Sneha Program where Menstrual Hygiene Program with distribution of Sanitary Napkins are given away to needy women.  Challenges in Rural Health Care in India with Hand-outs & Brochures prepared by Dr. Alok & Sangeeta Agrawal will be handed out on July 22.

There will be a Hands on CPR in two locations simultaneously on the same day at the High School by GMCGA Alumni; and, at the Pragathi Rural Development Center by GMCGA. The CPR trainings will be provided to Anganwadi and Asha workers, who are women leaders in the local community.

The trainings are aimed at decreasing the number of deaths, especially from road accidents by enabling the first responders to provide life support to victims of accidents. The training, which includes CPI and other medical services are being provided by professional trainers from the US and is offered to personnel. In collaboration with the American University of Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine, and the American Heart Association, AAPI is organizing the workshop/training (EMTC) trainings for first responders, as part of the GHS 2019.

AAAPI has a long standing commitment and dedication towards encouraging women in leadership roles, development, community leadership and showcasing examples and life experiences of famous, prominent women leaders from a variety of professions, including academics, Medicine, Corporate, Community, Politicians and Bollywood stars.

AAPI has encouraged women leadership and has elected leaders such as Dr. Kalpalatha Guntupalli; Dr Sunita Kanumury; Dr Seema Jain as the President of this noble organization. Dr. Seema Jain, who led AAPI in 2015-166, adhered to the 4 Es, as the major themes on her inaugural day a year ago, Excellence of Education, Enlightenment, Evolution, and Empowerment of women, stated that “There is a need for empowerment of women, which means women must be respected at home, at work and in the larger community. One would treat them with respect just as you would treat your mom, wife, sister, and daughter.”

Dr. Madhu Aggarwal; Dr Sarala Rao; Dr Vijaya Appareddy; Dr Rajam Ramamurthy; Dr Chander Kapasi have served as the Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees. Among the current Executive Consil of national AAPI, Anupama Gotimukula, MD serves as the Secretary, while  Anjana Samadder, MD is the Treasurer. Prachi Dua, MD is the President of MSRF, representing the younger generation of the physicians of Indian Origin.

At every AAPI convention and at the Global healthcare Summit, AAPI’s stellar event has been the Women’s Forum. The much awaited Women’s Forum at the next Convention in Atlanta, GA will be led by a panel consisting of inspiring women leaders who have been in the forefront, and have shown resiliency, confidence, leadership, determination, and dedication, and have withered all obstacles in life, and have become women leaders, and are recognized to be an inspiration to all.

The recently concluded Women’s Forum at the GHS 2018 in Mumbai had Amruta Fadnavis, First Lady of Maharashtra and Vice President of Axis Bank; Deana Uppal, Entrepreneur & Winner Miss India UK; Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, President FOGSI; Dr. Ratna Jain, Former Mayor Kota, Rajasthan; and, Sangita Reddy, Executive Director, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospital Group as panelists. Dr. Asha Parikh, Chair, AAPI Women’s Forum and Dr. Udaya Shivangi, Vice Chair, AAPI Women’s Forum, led the panelists to a lively discussion on ways to prevent and address violence against women. 

We have a stellar example in Ms. Amruta Fadnavis that she possess unique skills and probably one of a vert few women leaders that have highly successful professional career as being a senior leader at one of the largest financial institutions, she is the Chief Minister better half and in that role has very successfully fought for women’s right and several social causes and she is. a Bollywood celebrity with a number of successful musical hits. In addition she is a proud and dedicated mother, wife and very much committed to her family.  She will act as an inspiration to several women leaders and aspiring leaders.  

The Women’s Leadership Forum at the GHS 2017 in Kolkatta had featured Bollywood star Sharmila Tagore and Dr. Jayshree Mehta of the Medical Council of India, among others. The Forum addressed as to how empowering women and educating them will help reduce infant mortality.

Chandrika Tandon, a 2011 GRAMMY nominated artist and a Billboard Nominee for top 40 Women in Music 2011, told a packed audience at the Women’s Forum during the 34th annual Convention of 34th annual convention of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) at the Marriott Marquis on Times Square, New York City on July 2nd, 2016. Kim Guadagno, Lt. Governor of New Jersey, another panelist on the Women’s Forum stressed the need for women to be more educated than men. Dr. Sherine Gabriel, Dean  of Rutgers RWJM School & CEO Rutgers RWJM Group, another panelist said, “We have come a long way. There are about 50 percent women in med schools, but the irony is that the board rooms do not have enough women. We have a long way to go on that end.” Aroon Shivdasani, President of Indo-American Arts Council, shared with the audience her own personal experiences of being called by people as “Fakir of New York City.”

The growing clout of the physicians of Indian origin in the United States is seen everywhere as several physicians of Indian origin hold critical positions in the healthcare, academic, research and administrative positions across the nation. Indian doctors have carved a comfortable niche in the American medical community and have earned a name for themselves with their hard work, dedication, compassion, and amazing skills and talents.

Representing the voice of the over 100,000 physicians of Indian origin, leaders of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), the largest ethnic organization of physicians, have been strategically engaged in working with the Union and State Governments of India for the past dozen years.

Founded in 1982, the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin represents a conglomeration of more than 80,000 practicing physicians in the United States. Any funds raised will be essential in continuing this mission by hosting national and regional women’s leadership programs.